A swing and a miss..

I was expecting a litter of pigs a couple of weeks ago, but nope. One of the tough parts of farming is that sometimes you don’t know if an effort has failed for weeks or months (in this case, three months, three weeks, and three days). I’m evaluating when I want to have another litter. I have interest from a 4-H member in buying some pigs for stock shows in the spring of 2020. To make that work, there is a fairly small window for the pigs to be born. Had I gotten a litter in October, I would be right on track for the show pigs. As it is, I either need to hold off on breeding for a few months or give up on the show pigs. I’m also looking for some feeder pigs…that would make up for this missed litter, and keep me from needing to rush into a new litter.


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