Waiting is the hardest

It’s a slow time on the farm right now. I’m waiting for things to happen, and all I can really do is wait.

I’m waiting for feeder pigs to finish out for butchering. They have free choice access to whole corn and green pasture so they can eat and grow; I just need to wait a couple of months for the growth to happen.

I’m waiting on a sow to farrow (farmer-speak for “have babies”). No way to hurry that….they’ll come when they are ready, about October 24th. Mama is getting bigger, slowly, as the babies develop. Just gotta wait for that to happen, too.

I’m waiting to sell my cows. They didn’t breed this summer, so it’s time for this bunch to move out and another bunch to move in. They are posted at craigslist┬áright now, and I’m waiting for calls. That one can be sped up a bit….if they don’t sell quickly enough, I can always haul them to the sale barn. I’ve got a couple of buyers who have expressed an interest, though, so I’m going to wait at least another week…..

I’m also waiting to plant fall/winter forage. I plan on planting turnips, clover, triticale, and probably some other stuff….but not yet. It’s still too warm for most of that to come up. Besides that, I’m waiting for rain. I want to have a better idea of whether the fall and winter will be wet before I spend a bunch of money on seeds.

There are probably a couple of things I’m waiting on that I don’t remember right now. That’s life on the farm…always waiting on something to happen.


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