What’s new on the farm?

I decided to put this blog together so I can share what’s happening on the farm. The problem right now is, nothing much is happening. We are in an awful drought…our last significant rain was in February. We’re getting a little right now, but it remains to be seen whether it will actually be enough to make a difference. Six dry months are hard to overcome.

I’ve spent the summer watching pastures get drier and drier, and listening to the grass get more and more crunchy as I walk through. My pigs can harvest much of their food from the pastures,if the pastures are growing. They can’t do much with dead grass, which is what I have right now. It’s a little depressing, but that’s life on the farm. Better days are always just around the corner. Maybe the fall will be wetter. Maybe the next litter will be bigger. Maybe the next garden will yield better….and maybe this variety of corn will be the one that makes perfect cornbread. Farming can be frustrating, challenging, and downright exhausting. But better days are always, maybe, just around the corner.

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